2017 Heirloom Tomato Seedling Selection

Our basement is currently overflowing with hundreds of tomato seedlings that will be available for sale in less than two months!  It’s hard to believe with that snowstorm we had at the end of March, but it won’t be long until your gardens will be full of fresh, delicious, vine-ripened tomatoes of all shapes, colours and sizes!!  And we have even more to choose from this year!

If you are interested in buying any seedlings, here are the times and locations we will have them for sale:

The Mustard Seed annual seedling sale Saturday May 13th, 8am-1pm, and Sunday May 14th from 10am-1pm
460 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 3J

Our farm, from May 15th on-ward. If you’d like to visit the farm in person and buy some seedlings from us there, I encourage you to email me (ben (at) freshstartfarm.ca) to check and make sure we have what you want in stock and that we will be home when you plan on visiting!
2899 Cockshutt Rd., Waterford, ON N0E1Y0

Once again this year we will have a much larger quantity of the cherry tomato varieties we are growing than ever before (and our fingers are crossed that the Sweeties don’t get zapped by a mystery sickness mid-Spring again this year!!).

Below is the selection of varieties what we will have for sale in 2017!!


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