Garlic Harvest A Little Underwhelming…

Garlic Harvest

We dug up the garlic about a week ago. It was giving us signs that it was ready to come out. While we didn’t plant much, the resulting bulbs were a lot smaller than anticipated. Actually, when I finally pried the first one out of the cement-like clay soil (hmm, maybe that had something to do with it), I shouted to Lisa across the field, “Oh my god, this one’s so small!!” Little did I know that that would actually turn out to be the largest one! Aye carumba!

Oh well, it wasn’t in our plan to actually make any money from garlic sales this year, so we’ll eat these little guys ourselves. But we’ll definitely have to bone up on our garlic growing skills if we’re planning on offering a CSA next year (yeah, that’s a teaser…)

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