In lieu of the gym…

Monday we had a delivery of 8 yards of compost. The soil we have is pretty heavy clay, so it’s going to need all the help it can get!

Compost Delivery

8 Yards Compost
Yeah, it’s a lot bigger than it looks, once you dig in…

Wednesday evening we had time to get out there and start to spread it in the rows. Again, it was taking us waaaaay longer than I had anticipated. I think this is going to be a recurring theme as we move forward with this project…

It was a beautiful night, really warm, no wind, blue skies and setting sun. Everything was going great until I commented, “Well, at least there’s no mosquitoes…”. A few minutes later I saw a bug flying around. A couple wheelbarrow loads after that I was swarmed by half a dozen of those buzzing, blood-sucking pests! Mosquitoes in March! Well, I guess it was ~19C out today.

We managed to get a couple rows done before the sun set. The empty spot in the first row is where we planted the strawberries and garlic last fall before we knew what the bed layout was going to look like. They’ll get a more targeted application at some point, not a wheelbarrow load dumped on top :)

Compost Spreading

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