Just An Update

Wow, the past 2 weeks just flew by! We are almost fully planted now, and just in time for some much needed rain this past Saturday!

Now it’s kind of a waiting game to see what will be ready next! We have all kinds of veggies in there; acorn squash, arugula, beans (pole and bush), beets (red and golden), broccoli (regular and romanesco), brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots (long, short, orange and yellow), chard, cucumbers, cabbage (red and green), cantaloupe, eggplant, gourds, herbs (basil, chives, parsley, etc.), kale, all kinds of lettuce, leeks, onions (spring and bulb, red and yellow), peas, potatoes, pumpkins (Hallowe’en, pie, fancy grey ones), radish, radicchio, spinach, sunflowers, turnips, tomatoes (pink, yellow, black, and 10 kinds of cherry), watermelon, zucchini…I think that’s it, but I could be mistaken.

We missed the market on the 2nd, both due to weather concerns, and lack of produce. I hope we didn’t disappoint too many people :)

Having a “booth” in the parking lot leaves us at the mercy of the weather. Although this past weekend, it was pouring rain on and off all morning from 6am onward, but we had great stuff to sell (radish, spring onions, salad mix, and sprouts) so we went anyway.

Much to our surprise, the patio umbrella kept us a lot drier that we had imagined, and even more importantly, the market was actually pretty busy all morning, rain or not, and we sold out of almost everything by 10am!

That rain, and the rain earlier in the week really helped the plants. Before the rain we had been out watering almost everyday, but without a hose or proper irrigation, we were spending a lot of time trucking watering cans back and forth from a tote full of water. After Saturday’s showers we might actually get 2-3 days off of watering duty! Great, time for weeding :)


The cabbages have really taken off!


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