Pie Pumpkins Looking Good

The pie pumpkins have done really well this year. I wish I’d planted more! They certainly outshone the jack-o-lantern pumpkins, about 18-0. Some of them have been orange for quite some time now, to the point where last week some of the vines started dying back. They’re done, they grew, ripened the pumpkins and now it’s over!

Even the “long pie” variety we grew, that looks like an overgrown zucchini and doesn’t turn orange until after it’s picked, has developed the tell-tale orange spot on it, signalling it’s ready to be picked!

It’s great, I love to see all the neon orange orbs in amongst the vines in the garden!


On the other hand, the regular jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and the fancy grey pumpkins are now being seriously attacked by a kind of devilish little yellow cucumber beetle. It is also attacking the cucumber, zucchini and to a lesser extent the squash and gourds.

I’d seen a few around here and there earlier in the season, but as of last week the population seems to have exploded. Today I found a motherload in one of the blossoms of the fancy pumpkins…


Not sure what I can do exactly, the organics books recommend pyrethrin, which I don’t have, so I gave them a little squirt with some organic insecticidal soap and we’ll see if that will get rid of them. They’re small and quick and can fly, so it’s just not practical to hunt them down by hand (although I do squash as many as I can whenever I find them).

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