Problem Solved! (We Hope)

One of the biggest time-consuming parts of this whole venture of ours has undoubtedly been watering. The problem is that the parcel of land we are farming has no easy access to water. No, hose, no hose hook-up anywhere nearby.

When we first started planting, back in the early spring, it was sufficient, although still inconvenient, for us to truck water over in small containers and use them to water the plants.

Once the “big plant” was completed, and most of the seedlings were in, there was all-of-a-sudden no way we could possibly truck over enough water to water everything, not even close.

Thankfully, the gentleman we are renting the land from happened to have a couple 1000L cage totes that he said we were welcome to. He also happened to have a pump and very long hose that we could use to fill the totes with water from the pond. Score!

We were still faced with the problem, though, that despite having 2000L of water at our fingertips, the only distribution method we had was watering-cans. This used up a lot of time, every day, and didn’t really give the plants the deep soaking that they really need to flourish.

Back to the “used up a lot of time” issue. I mean A LOT of time. So much time that it was virtually all we had time for, every single evening. Not a great situation to be in for us or the farm.

Recently, a friend of ours had the brilliant idea to use a garden hose like a siphon, (thanks Atom). That made things a lot easier, no walking back and forth to refill constantly, but in the end, because the flow of the siphon was rather slow, it didn’t really save us any time.

Finally, today, we found ourselves with some time in the afternoon and decided to tackle this problem head on. There had to be a way to build some kind of system of reducers so that we could attach a garden hose to the valve on each tote. That should give us the ease of the siphon, but with added pressure, we thought.

Luckily one of the totes had a threaded valve, and the other had a huge valve, but one that we could unscrew and take to Home Hardware to look for parts. At first the guy working there flat out said, “Nope, there’s no way this is going to work!”, but then, after some experimenting, we figured out that, yes, indeed it could work after all.

So for ~$20, we bought all of these pieces, to reduce the valves on both totes (both completely different) to fit a standard garden hose!


Now we just need to glue it all together, screw it on and water away! Watering, we have decided, that will be much more thorough, and less frequent, hopefully leaving us time for other things like weeding, looking for/destroying pests, planting, relaxing, etc.

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