Starting the Fall Harvest…

Tonight we picked the first 4 pie pumpkins. Well, the first orange, pumpkin-like pie pumpkins, since we have picked some “Long Pie” pumpkins previous to this.


These were the “Baby Pam” variety. We got 1 per vine, and since we only planted 4 as an experiment, we only got 4 pumpkins. They look fantastic though, vibrant orange, great stem/handles, and hopefully very tasty as well!

We grew 3 kinds of pie pumpkins this year, and I’d like to save one of each to make a pie out of, just to see which one is actually the best, since in the seed catalogues they all say in their descriptions that they are the best pie making pumpkin of all…

The watermelons are also doing very well right now also, playing quite a bit of catch-up!


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