The Little Ones Are Coming Along


Being the start of July now, we are fully immersed in summer. Finally, although it did seem to sneak up on us, seems like just yesterday it was April.

For the longest time, it looked as though nothing was really growing. We were watering and weeding and adding compost here and there, but nothing seemed to change. I think it was partly due to us being there every day. Had we only been visiting once a week, I’m sure the plants would have looked to be growing leaps and bounds every time we saw them.

Regardless, here we are, July, and things have really started to take off! The past two weekends have been our biggest market weekends by far, in terms of produce for sale. The market has been going great, we have been selling out almost every weekend, when, of course, we wish we had more to sell!

When I started this blog I had been hoping to have the time to update it at least twice a week. Maybe it’s my time management skills, or maybe it’s the prolific nature of ragweed and thistles, who can say, really. All I’m saying is time is hard to come by these days, especially with the absence of any semblance of regular rainfall or moderate temperatures!

We seem to have gotten a handle on the cabbage moth/caterpillars, the flea beetles are still a nuisance, and the Japanese beetles have started to show up.

Despite these issues, the farm is doing well and all kinds of little produce is starting to pop out everywhere. The tomatoes are still trucking along, and the vines are all starting to creep. We had beets and turnips for the first time at the market last weekend. We have kale, I know people have been dying to get their hands on it, but it really hates the heat, of which we’ve had nothing but, so it’s been taking its sweet time growing.

Here are a few pictures of what’s on the horizon, to whet your appetites!



Pie Pumpkins

Acorn Squash


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