Weekly Veggie Box 2018

onionsOur Weekly Veggie Box is a community supported agriculture program where you buy a share for the upcoming growing season and then receive 16 weeks of fresh, organically-grown vegetables from mid-June to Thanksgiving.

This benefits our farm family by providing income early in the year to help pay for seeds, compost, equipment, and other daily expenses, before we have seedlings or produce to bring to market.

The benefits to you include very, very fresh produce for which you know the who, where and how it is grown. A variety of staple and unique heirloom vegetables that changes weekly according to what is in season. Supporting a small business and the local economy.

Our Veggie Boxes should provide enough produce weekly for 2 adult vegetarians or a small family of omnivores. While the amount included in each box will vary week by week, we work diligently throughout the growing season to ensure that, despite any obstacles Mother Nature may throw at us, you receive the value of your investment back as produce, and ideally see a return of value above and beyond what you have paid.

There is a link above to a complete list of what we are growing this season.

Also note, CSAs have gotten a bad rap recently as some unscrupulous farmers have found them to be convenient dumping-grounds for excess produce or leftovers that they couldn’t sell at the market. This is absolutely NOT the case with our Veggie Boxes and sounds like just a horrible business practice if you ask us! We have the highest standards of quality, we do one harvest which is divided up between the members and the store, and we try our best not to overwhelm our members with excesses of one particular vegetable, or repeat the same produce too often, save for tomatoes which I’m sure our members don’t mind receiving weekly for the relatively short (~6 weeks) tomato season.


If you join our Veggie Box Program, there are two ways to receive your box.

-Pick-up on our farm in Boston, ON Thursday evenings 4:00-6:00pm
-Pick-up at the Little Brown Cow store Friday from 12:00-7:00pm

For more information please download a PDF of our brochure, and if you have any questions after looking that over, please give us a call or send an email (a link to contact info is also at the top of the page)!

Weekly Veggie Box Brochure

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